Brushes made in Germany

Brushes made in Germany: Many associate Germany with high production costs, but to us, it stands for flexibility, productivity and quality. To be able to produce more competitively, Zahn Brush Manufactory invests in all the very latest brush production technology, such as IT based thermal transfer printing systems, automated robots for gluing or commissioning with wireless scanners.

We have also been entrusted with customer‘s stock-keeping. All products and processes are based on quality standards without compromise, delivering sleek products that incorporate ingenious design details. Zahn Brush Manufactory is proud to be the one and only private label brush producer worldwide that has been certified according to ISO 14001, EMAS and FSC criteria.

Thanks to its own hair mixing machine Zahn Brush Manufactory can offer a customized brush head development and expand its know-how for high quality brush heads.

Synthetic blend or individual blend of natural hair and synthetic fibers: by combining different materials you can benefit of a higher elasticity, better shape retention and higher liquid holding capacity and also a better competitiveness of your brush series.

With the know-how of our experienced brush making masters supported by modern technology we can realize your ideas of a high quality brush series for all applications.

Haarmischmaschine Zahn Pinsel GmbH

Zahn Brushes made in Germany