Shaving brushes made in Germany

It's a man's world. For men of all ranks and ages. For a perfect shave.

Traditional manufacturing meets today's barbers demands - Our German shaving brush production:

- Quality workmanship in the production of shaving brush heads made in Germany
- Trendsetting design with modern handles
- Shaving brush development according to your demand

Wide range of different hair characteristics and quality levels:

- Shaving brushes from hog bristle, pure badger up to badger silver tip selection with high quality natural hair
- High quality vegan shaving brushes made of synthetic fibers

Individual logo on your shaving brush:

- Imprint with tampon print in different colors
- Laser engraving on metal handles

Be inspired by our high quality shaving brushes in private label  starting with a minimum quantity of 60 pieces per model. Start your own shaving brush range with German first class shaving brushes of Zahn Brush Company.

Your contact person:

Shaving brushes product manager Lisa Beck

Lisa Beck
shaving brushes
Tel +49 9822 823023
email: lisa.beck